#4 Why Arthur Zaaro is always my saviour for beautiful furniture i can’t seem to find? (furniture review) Click to read more



Arthur Zaaro
5 Eunos Avenue 8A, 2nd Floor Henry Building, Singapore
Thursdays: 11am - 7pm
Fridays: 12noon - 4pm
Saturdays: 11am - 7pm
Sundays: 12noon - 4pm
Contact: Aaron (65) 9147-9124 for all other private viewings

Designer’s Rating: 4/5 Stars Price: $$

Alright guys, i need to be honest, this is one of my go-to places when i’m at my wits end; when i can’t find that piece that needs to fit in that annoying corner in the house. I am not the biggest fan of in-built furniture, but i’m a fan of handmade pieces of furniture with character; Arthur Zaaro makes beautiful pieces.


In-built furniture used sparingly is functional. My biggest pet peeve is the “feature tv console” that most IDs propose, rather i love a piece like the above. Arthur Zaaro builds beautiful sideboards and tv consoles that are so beautiful; definitely a statement piece. Look at the above console, see how it stands out. A carefully curated piece speaks more of you than an old boring built-in. (FYI that’s the discount corner that they have all year round, look out for it when u are there)


Poster beds are so sexy and inviting, imagine a sheer linen curtain draped from the ceiling down, softening up the space. (though having a high ceiling helps a lot too, HDB guys probably not)


Never knew marble and wood can work together in such an organic way…


Ripple wood lighting panel being that focus piece fills up ur bare wall and warms up your room with that yellow light.


Notice how all the pieces in this picture have such slim legs. Perfect for the Singapore home! Thin pieces brings a lightness to your room. (Very Sleek *claps)


A cross medium piece (Resin and wood), i’ve always been fascinated with mixed mediums. Definitely interesting


Trolley to hide your stash of alcohol guys, good for entertainment


Simple wooden bed frames, no fuss. Actually it’s really hard to simple pieces these days, if u notice the less fuss the more expensive.


Chalk board coffee table anyone?

Arthur Zaaro may not be the cheapest in the market but it is definitely the most flexible for your every customised needs. For the solid wood items, definitely worth every dime you pay. Wait out for their new series coming out in the next few months, saw a few matt finished aluminium last week, quite excited about it.

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To Comfort & Aesthetics,

Keith Low


Original Photos by: Keith Low

Photos taken at Arthur Zaaro @ HENRY BUILDING



3 thoughts on “#4 Why Arthur Zaaro is always my saviour for beautiful furniture i can’t seem to find? (furniture review) Click to read more”

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  2. Really enjoyed your article. Would love to invite you to view some of the pieces at our store at 17 Binjai Park. We have numerous pieces of antiques and collectibles that could add that character to a room that you mentioned.


  3. Michelle Eu says:

    Am interested in the resin and wood coffee table for my new home. Can this be ordered? What are the sizes and price?


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