#5 LUSH Furniture: Inexpensive place to get your designer replicas? (Singapore Review) Click to read more…

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LUSH Flagship
3 Upper Paya Lebar Rd, Centro Bianco Level 3, Singapore 534818
Opening Hours: 11am - 8pm, Daily
Contact: 65-6858 5882

Price:$$ #5 brings me to Lush, known for inexpensive designer replicas at a fraction of the original items. This place is a dream for every interior designer with a taste for Eames and Elieen Grey look alike pieces. One thing to note though, the quality is slightly lack-lustre but makes up by the interesting designs. (Quality: better than ikea but probably not anywhere close to the original which cost on average 10 X more, u do ur own math!) Lush has a good eye for visual contrast (just a tat too attention grabbing for my own liking). I thoroughly enjoy how they use colours and keep my eyes interested and wandering to spot details. Here are my humble picks for this week: IMG_3501 The soft pastel blue sofa is voluptuous hence good for anyone who is sick of the boring old boxy sofas but still want the sofas to not look sloppy. Sadly i’m not a fan of the eagle printed cushions with the cute hexagonal colour printed rug. Too many different vibes going on in one serving. However, each items does have character and will be interesting pieces u can work with. ( classic example of too many chefs spoil the broth. Too Salty!) IMG_3504 Green has always been one of the colours i adore. The symmetry and the rustic component in the photography gives a comfortable down to earth feel yet very attractive. IMG_3497 Giraffes, Ballerinas and Eiffel tower, what do they all have in common? Long necks. Somehow longs necks just makes things elegant and sophisticated. IMG_3496 Hanging shelves is a classic pieces in western kitchens, bringing it out to the living room is a smart move. Gives you space to display your little trinkets. IMG_3503Contrastingly, we have a giant brother shelves that towers in the new loft concept that HDB is going release in Dawson this year. I’m still wondering if i really have to bring out my ladder every time i want something from the shelf top shelf. IMG_3514

Coloured plates makes an all white table all that inviting.


Turn the clock back 20 years i will be crying begging my parents to get me this double decker bed. This is what I call a modern day tree house. Gone are the days we actually have space for a real tree house so guess this is the best next option. If don’t remember wrongly this bed is about 2.9k.




Beautiful replica hangers

To put it simply, you can find many trendy pieces here, kinda like zara in the world of furniture ( though zara does have a home ware line)

Check out my previous article on why arthur zaaron is my solution to my many problems : link

To Comfort & Aesthetics,

Keith Low

Pictures by Keith Low

Photos taken @ LUSH

More Pictures  
IMG_3512  IMG_3506 IMG_3505    IMG_3499   IMG_3495

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