#6 CAMPBELL HOUSE: (Penang Review) Nominated for 2015 World Luxury Hotel Awards…. Click to read more…

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Campbell House
Address: Lebuh Campbell, Georgetown, 10100 Georgetown, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
Opening Hours: 24/7
Contact:+60 4-261 8290

IMG_3048This week is abit special, we will start reviewing of hotels that we love when we travel to give u a sneak preview of what the hotels are really like and also to satiate your design tastebuds for more ideas.

This week our design review brings us to Campbell House, Penang. The wonderful management of Campbell House gave us a tour of the interiors of the beautiful hotel.  The hotel exudes the historical flavour of the colonial times. We thoroughly enjoyed our weekend getaway the hotel. Here’s Campbell House through our eyes.


The entrance was very telling of the rustic vibe of the early 1900s in south east asian. Cements tiles used in a moderation as oppose to the usual full tiling not only is cost saving but brings your eyes to the tiles.


Entering our room opened up to a 6 meter hight ceiling suite; space is luxury. We were greeted by beautiful art decor mirror mixed with chinese painted cabinets, french sofas, wooden blinds and indian carpets gave a burst of energy, fully reflective of Penang’s multi cultural back ground.


This was our study cum pantry under the stairs which was well placed, making full use of the space as opposed to a typical wardrobe.


View from our bed in our suite. Having an attic is wonderful:)IMG_6934

Up the stairs was our room, which was warmly lited and cosy.  There was definitely alot going on in terms of details, patterns and colours, yet they tie in well together (trick to that is tone; we can bring everything together through tone).


Our toilet was wonderful. The tiles on the floor definitely made a hell of the difference. It added so much character to a simple boring toilets. Tiles are powerful in that way. We loved our room, wished we had more time to try out all the rooms, but no worries the owners were nice enough to show us their other rooms. Keep reading!


Simple details add so much flavour to the corridor


Common reading area made especially comfortable with balinese furniture. Simple chairs spruced up with cushions and a turkish carpet. (personally i feel the colours windows and wood turned stair well gave it the taste of colonial)



Stained glass i was talking about previously


Chinese porcelain and dark wood go so well together


Corridors leading to the various rooms. Ceiling decking, nitches in the wall and wall lanterns give that all so peranakan museum feel


Antiques like opium beds has just a different context in a different times. ( wonder what’s it like smoking a pipe on a bed like thatIMG_7013

Lounge chairs by the window makes reading extra comfortable
IMG_7019A celadon bowl made in to a sink. (new idea for pottery)


Reminds me of the 1920 french boudoir

A garden with colourful cushions and tinted glass lanterns. Good way to spend the afternoons with a mojito IMG_7027

I thorougly enjoyed my stay at the Campbell house. Special thanks to Nardya and Roberto for being such wonderful hosts.

They have been recently norminated for 2015 World Luxury Hotels Awards. Do vote for them FTW

Check out my previous article on lush for designer replicas : link

To Comfort & Aesthetics,

Keith Low

Pictures by LIN NA

Photos taken @ CAMPBELL HOUSE

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