#7 Why SCANTEAK SIGNATURE should be given a second chance? (Sg review) Click to read more…

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Scanteak Signature
Vista Exchange Green #B1-14 The Star Vista Singapore 138617
Opening Hours:10:00am to 10:00pm (Monday - Sunday) 
Contact:6694 0171


This Wood Works interior design review brings you to Scanteak. For years when people talk about scanteak, the first thing that comes to mind is its outdated furniture (to be honest they remind me of old furniture in some cheap cameron highland cottage/hotel accommodation.) But i stumbled upon one of their road shows in Star Vista and honestly i was quite surprised. Here are some of the items i spotted.


This sofa was what first caught my eye. The clean-cut cushions and a solid wood sofa body reminded of a very Japanese crisp, cosy, quaint, cottage home. The rustic vibe and the ever getting smaller houses in Singapore  are definitely complementary.


Full Set, more seats no TV means communication


An A-frame shelf that could work at the side of your TV console.


A larger shelf that could be a feature piece in your dining for some family photos and things you collect over the years. I think Singaporeans should not be lazy and not want any displays cos they don’t want dust.


A beautiful timeless that could work in just about any setting
IMG_2867Solid wood dining with a nice center pieces makes it that tat more homely. Somehow solid wood dining just give that warmth that you want in that family dinner?


This handy tray is something that i have getting my clients to get and for just 99$? Its a piece that could be a serving tray in the balcony, an extra table that steam boat for vegetables, a side table next to your sofa.


A dining bench, kids love a bench at dining, its quite fun that you can sit close to the person next to you and you could move it to the TV area for that extra seating when u have guest over.


I love this stool, it reminds me of goldilocks and the three bears. A cute stool can give that extra homely feel.

Overall, i think Scanteak’s really updated them self to be more relevant, good job. This is a good break from your typical Scandinavian/industrial look. Think a comfortable home is way more important than something trendiness and being cool. Classic is timeless.

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To Comfort & Aesthetics,

Keith Low

Pictures by Keith Low

Photos taken Scanteak Signature @ Star Vista









One thought on “#7 Why SCANTEAK SIGNATURE should be given a second chance? (Sg review) Click to read more…”

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