#8 Why Second Charm (Review Second Hand furniture dealer) ? (Vintage furniture Review) Click to read more…

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Second Charm
Blk 21 Kallang Avenue, #05-165 Mapletree Industrial Building, 339412
Phone: 6294 2919
opens: Tue-Sat (11-540pm)
       Sundays (12-5pm)
       Closed on Mondays

This week Woodworks design review brings us to Second Charm, as the name speaks for itself, a vintage store that gives pieces a second life. Though i understand that there are pieces that are remodelled after vintage pieces. There a total two levels worth of furniture in the building stacked randomly on each other, i would advise people with allergies to wear mask for your live’s sake. But the charming thing about store is the fact that u got to have the eye to pry and look for items, also luck plays a big part (too many one piece only items). Here’s my curation of items


This tiny two seater sofa caught my eye with it’s loud print on a serious navy. Defiantly adds character with its old antique charm. Though the price did shock me at a snapping $700 ( i do here prices change with people, do try your luck to get the price down). Hence i left without it:(

IMG_2389This bicycle wheel side table was hiding in the corner of the room but nothing gets out of the eyes of a vintage shopperholic. 

IMG_2391Adjustable barstools fit for any industrial themed home. Think its a fabricated piece so it’s not the cheapest i think.

IMG_2390The pastel pink on this stool with and edgy frame is really cool. Imagine it as a coffee table by the side of your sofa. Cute.

IMG_2388Old Windows are staples to any vintage shop. Remember potato head in Bali? You could possible use this in your photo collage to keep the eyes interested

IMG_2387A Turquoise display cabinet is so cool, imagine it with a full wall of pastel yellow, definitely a talking piece .IMG_2383After my two hours there. I must say i was impressed with the collection of vintage pieces there but slightly disappointed with the price tag. Maybe the thrill of vintage shopping is also discover something that no wants and that should be matched with an appropriate price tag. I guess i was excited first by the facade and feel of the space, however i think u probably can get a good deal for the new pieces there. There are some “art” pieces that look interesting.

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To Comfort & Aesthetics,


Pictures by K.Low

Photos taken @Second Charm

IMG_2379 IMG_2376 IMG_2375

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