#9 Accessorising your home with Spotlight (furniture homeware review) Click to read more

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SPOTLIGHT singapore
Plaza Singapura Level 5, 68 Orchard Road, 238839
Phone: 6733 9808
opens: Mon to Sun (10am-10pm)

Many think that spotlight is just for arts and crafts or maybe where you buy cloth, but actually Spotlight is home to many home accessories, from curtains to carpet, plates to toiletries. In this interior design review, we bring you highlights of items we think befitting to the modern Singapore home. Here’s our picks. IMG_4734 My favorite spot is the shopping sale rack that happens from time to time. I usually can find a piece or that can add that splash of colour in the house. This week’s bargains was this bottle for just a mere four dollars. The colour and shape is give of the middle eastern vibe, reminds me alot of sheesha pipes (kinda cool in a indie setting with some indian carpets.) IMG_4722 IMG_4740   This Cath Kidston inspired tray is perfect for that patio tray that you are looking for. Check out the lovely succulents, thought they are a tat pricy though.(look above if you missed out on my tip:)) IMG_4744 Singaporeans are so fearful of colours cos they worry that it might look cheap or childish, why not try cushions ( if it doesn’t work u can always get rid of it:))   IMG_4739 Cute ceramic pears anyone, to give that pop of colour


A candle holder that will cast beautiful shadows in the night


Geometric patterned bed sheets that will be really interesting in a all white room


A netted pitcher that looks really rustic.


A plaster parrot i couldn’t resist but get one myself. Parrots always make rooms exotic especially for us in singpaore our sunny tropical island:)


These patterned candles are really exciting. I simply adore them. The peacock blue is stunning.


A Quirky Ottoman anybody?


Doves in baby blue works well in a kids room amongst their play toys

IMG_4725A ceramic pot for your beautiful accessories.

IMG_4742Laundry basket anyone? (reminds me of a Cobra basket lol) IMG_4750IMG_4749

Japanes looking soap dispensers for MUJI fanatics at a quarter of the price


Matching Soap dish.

I love coming to Spotlight, they always offer me an alternative interesting option for everyday objects just give that personal touch. Believe me the objects you have at home speaks volumes about who you are as a person, so don’t be flippant, character doesn’t always equate to spending alot of money. An interesting house is one you put effort into making in solely yours.

If your like to read more, you can visit my previous post on why Second Charm (Second Hand Furniture Dealer)?

To Comfort and aesthetics

Keith Low


Photos taken at SPOTLIGHT SINGAPORE @ Plaza Singapura

Photos taken by Keith Low

 IMG_4748  IMG_4745              IMG_4730

IMG_4735IMG_4738 IMG_4724


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