#10 WHY GALANGA LIVING (furniture review) is eccentrically sexy?

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Galanga Living singapore
211 Henderson Rd, 159552
Phone: 6475 2633
opens: Closed down:(

Furniture shopping has been an integral part of my life as a interior stylist. The continuous search for unique items to express personality, style and character is getting difficult with so many shops getting commercial. I stumbled upon Galanga living whilst in the area, i felt like a kid in a candy shop. ok, i exaggerate. But look and you know what i mean.


I can’t help but notice how the various textures, materials, patterns, colours and shapes interact with each other, all different but the same. Whoever did merchandising for them definitely has a good eye.


Bottles with weeds bring out a rustic and earthy feeling, (like how a Jamie Oliver outdoor kitchen), the handmade pottery gives that touch of shabby chic.

Artificial flowers could be the way out for us busy city dwellers, (though we can never replace the smells and presence of a real plant). I am digging how the hard metallic wood table and the soft bristles of the plant complement each other.


LOL! a candle holder bird house. I really want to know how the shadows will look like. Do send me a pic if you guys do buy and use it please.


Tables with pattern art keeps any space interesting.


Slouching outdoor sofa. Imagine sipping wine with a loved one in the evening. ( looks abit small in the picture. The actual one can sit 2.)


A trolley good for hot pot ingredients, though i saw one much cheaper in IKEA lol. ( Nice colour though)


This rack reminds me of vegetable crates i’ve seen in Sydney. Think it might be abit more useful as a herb garden.


This one seater is classic and can also double up as a center piece in a bachelor/bacherlorette pad.

Galanga Living was a great experience for me though just a tad pricy, i think design and quality wise, they are value for money. I find them colourful and quirky yet not childish, cool and has a sex appeal yet homely. I would get items from them personally:) let me know what u think or if you have a place to share with me.

To Comfort and aesthetics

Keith Low

Pictures by Keith Low @ Galanga Living

IMG_2534 IMG_2535 IMG_2532 IMG_2527 IMG_2526 IMG_2528

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