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This project was interesting as owner wanted something eclectic and homely. I decided to give it a touch of colour to liven up the space ( just imaging everything less the wall colour. ) Simple trick works wonders sometimes.


closeuporchrd copy (2)

Notice how the colour popped


For this shoe cabinet, client wanted something that would give them postive energy every day they come through the door. I used a rustic colour washed laminate instead of the usual white or wood laminates.


You’ll be surprised that courts has interesting dining and dining lights. The touch of brick gives it that additional cozy corner:)

livingroom_hello copy

A family collage of photos is a must to remind you of the happy times.


The client had a window in the middle of the room and felt it was odd. I proposed for the window to be framed and used it as a Polaroid clip board every time your visitors came. Simple ideas can add that touch of warmth.


bedroom (1)IMG_8135bedroomframe

I spent hours on this installation. An empty frame with strings shows a network of relationship:)

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Dulux IDs Wood Works V3-2

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