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Trivelis 311C was my take on the classic neutral palette, the colour scheme was inspired by the colours in lattes. The clients wanted a cosy, warm, neutral space which they could come home to everyday. One of the challenges we had was to achieve an openness to the space (Note: this is very different from spaciousness). Many have the idea that the less pieces we have, the more spacious it becomes. However, this leads to many homes having awkward empty spots that never have any real purpose to it. The key is however to focus on keeping your space cosy and sensible. This project aims to achieve space sensibility.


The original kitchen (at the end of the post for those who are interested) was a space for dining which made the kitchen claustrophobic and dark. Sure, there was an opening but it was not letting enough light in. What we did was, tear down the walls and used glass instead of a wall to keep the cooking grime in. As for the lost of storage to the top cabinets, we made up for it with an extension out into the original “dining” space. Honestly, accessing storage through drawers makes more sense than have top cabinets, that are not just hard to reach but shallow as well.


Glass panels not only opens up the space to light but connects the kitchens with the rest of the living room.


We created hidden drawers(above) to make space for flatter items.


We relocated the dining to the back of the sofa and created a cosy setting, with low hanging wooden lights and rustic wooden table set. Fabric cladded chairs and flowy day curtains add a soft touch to the dining. The mirror breaks the monotony of an empty wall, adds a touch of elegance and opens up the space.


Singapore is experiencing a terrible haze, else the unobstructed view of the Bukit Timah hills in the balcony would have been amazing. We aligned the out door sofa with the living sofa to create an extension of the living room with a simple slide of the aluminium doors (great for entertaining).


Sipping tea in an open setting adds quality of living, i strongly advocate tea drinking outdoors on a weekend afternoon. (not with the haze of course!)


Next,we have the  master bedroom with our Little Miss Bern giving us a tour ( look at how seriously she’s showing us the high thread counts of the sheets, she’s the boss alright). We wanted something dark so we can sleep like we are in the hotel. The awkward niche in the wall was converted to a shelf feature to make sense, we added a little light magic in the shelves to create that ambience for a short getaway feel ( see below)


Yellow lights bring mood to any room. The laminate wall on next to the shelves, create a simple deep wood luxe to the space which is an economical solution as opposed to wooden wall cladding (look below to see what’s behind that wall)


Yes, its is the wardrobe, we created this wardrobe next to the toilet to provide an ease to getting clothes after a bath and also shield the toilet opening from the master bedroom toilet. We changed the some of the doors to mirrors so you can eyeball your outfit right before leaving your room.


A simple vanity in the bedroom for the ladies to do their make up.

To sum it up, space sensibility is comfort and aesthetics, classics isn’t boring but warm and homely, i wouldn’t mind call a house like that my home.

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To Comfort and aesthetics


Photography: Lin Na

Designer : KLow




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