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Home is many different things to different people. What you define as comfort, what you see as beauty and what makes you feel safe really boils down to your growing up experience. In this project, the client was a couple looking to build themselves a new home. Their brief was simple, they wanted a homely and inviting house.

The concept I had in mind was something light and breezy. I wanted to create a space that was interesting with warm tones and the main thing was to keep in mind what home meant to the client. One lesson I learnt was that having enough time to explore and work on design is really important (edit and more edit is crucial). This client came to me 4 months in advance, so we had ample time to go through all the detailing and materials. Having time to digest ideas is such an important part of design. I’m happy how this project turned out.

In the picture above, the grey sofa was backed with a classic stripe with a twist on colour. To bring the pieces together, matching coloured cushions were used sparingly. Day curtains help soften the hard walls, and diffuse the harsh daylight in the house. A small plant helps add some life to the space.


Traditional cane chairs brings out a relaxed and less formal dining setting, matched with a wooden pendant, paintings on the wall (courtesy of my fiancee and her pet dog. I love it so much), classic doors with glass, and long cabinet doors all help set up a cosy, and pinterest worthy dining setting.


For the kitchen, we used an unconventional celadon laminate for the doors with a wooden table top. The worry was that the cabinets will turn out too dated, so we balanced the cabinets with a modern design element; square mosaics. I used traditional door handles, checked glass doors for the top cabinet to add more accents to the kitchen.


The toilet was decked with a strong printed floor tiles to contrast the simple elements (I.e basins, cabintets etc). A rounded mirror helps break the angles on the wall and floor tiles.


A painting above the toilet bowl makes the toilet less cold and add some colour to the space.( art work painted by my fiancee. So proud of her) The warm hues on the painting also matches the wooden round mirror.


For the bedroom, we painted the lower half with a dark grey so we could tighten the space, the two wood lights help created light features that brings that extra zest and interest in the space.

Detailing throughout the house express the client’s personality and helps them remember moments in their life ( The summation of your objects speaks of who you are. Display your items wisely:))

Framed is the client’s wedding invitation card (Having heart is so important in any artwork)



Little people dating in a jar.


Clothes hangers don’t have to be boring.


Pasta holder.



I love spirited away, if you haven’t watched it, you should!


Candle holders can also house Tilandsias


Designing this house taught me the lesson of creating spaces that have meaning, a home must reflect personality. It must else it will be no more than a house.


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To Comfort and aesthetics


Photography: Lin Na

Designer : KLow




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