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311A Trivelis was an apartment that I wanted to channel something young but yet classic. The imagery was a young professional couple living in the city. I wanted to achieve something current, an environment where it can motivate every morning, to have that glass of coffee and start that busy day with a positive outlook.

I chose navy with black accents as a running theme throughout the house. I have always been fascinated how navy suits are considered interesting yet formal and dressed up at a wedding event.

In the living room, we chose a sofa with a curve silhouette to help the space appear less boxy and sharp. I used pint stripe to express the classic look, backing it with a brick wall to add texture. Also the wooden venetian blind was used to create a lines that enhanced the sleek factor of the space.

IMG_9950 (1)

Rounded edges help balance the space prevents the room from feeling too sharp and angular.


This is the view you get every morning before you set out to work.


A simple dining with curve chair backing can add some comfort and ease like a cafe.


The navy wall for the bedroom was a good contrast to the fabric bed headboard, the simple drop light holder create a point of interest for the space.


A lighted box behind the bed in a good way to make use of the niche, typical of a HDB flat. It creates a chic boutique hotel room feel.


The view reminds me of some of the Hong Kong hotels I have visited.


A simple kitchen decked with a granite top and powder coated door handles, which are a good for towels, is not over the top yet interesting.


Delonghi has a pretty interesting range of appliance that you should check out.


The owner’s personal belongings gave me confirmation on the vibe of the space. (It satisfies me that i got it right:))



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To Comfort and aesthetics


Photography: KLow

Designer : KLow

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