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This post is on my recent project in Cashew Heights on a family-oriented home. The client brief was that they wanted to update their house previously a rental property into a home for the family. We wanted to create a home that was mature (not a kid’s playground) in design yet fun enough for the kids to feel comfortable in.


We pretty much hacked down the entire maid’s room, kitchen and service yard to let light into the new dining area. A large (2.5m) live edge table is mandatory for a family home (I imagine many meals and conversations happening here)IMG_9109

The approach we took for the kitchen was simple, clean, with some subtle details. The minimalist can look overly utilitarian sometimes, but adding some patterned square tiles does add a soft touch to the space.


The vintage buffet was a steal for just ($400). We had to restore the glass panels and it was worth every penny, giving the dining a touch of texture.


The living room is definitely a hub for family activities. Toys, game, books are all part of a real and living home, I think a house deck with personal items is what forms a home. Don’t shy away from displaying ur toys and books, they are what make your home yours.


A touch of colour in the carpets, cushions and toys can never harm a home’s aesthetics


Bookshelves decking the walls overarch the reading corner makes all that reading within reach. DSC00590


I played with colour blocking for the wardrobe to create some visual interest.DSC00608

Some TB hacks for tables:)


We changed up the look of this old baby blue toilet with a touch of light wood. Who says baby blue is tacky.


The activities room is definitely something the kid loves, listening to the parents play the piano, dancing to it.


This project gave me more insights on how a family home doesn’t have to mean that anyone needs to give up their personality or individuality, in fact, there is more to a house with more people in it.


To have consultation session with us do contact us at this link 

To check out the other projects we designed, check out out portfolio page @ this link





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