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Here’s an update on an overdue project update. City lights was an interesting project. The profile of the client was very independent and straightforward. We went with a simple approach to go for a clean look, with simple detailing. Here’s the final product


For the Living room, simple furniture with flos lights, the clock from bo concept and furniture from both crate & barrel and IKEA works in harmony. Floral arrangement from our in-house team added to that everyday living vibe.



A simple bay window plank matches the bed frame contrast with various fabric textures with earthy tones.

Fabric textures




For the toilet and kitchenette, we did a play on tiles patterns. We went with basic repeated pattern with subways and cube pattern tiles to create that clean yet warm look.



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To Comfort and aesthetics


Photography: DULUX

Designer : KLow

Wood Works Studio (4)Wood Works Studio

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