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WoodWorks is back with a project update. Earlier this year we worked on a project with amazing clients. (Enjoyed the clear, concise and decisive approach. The design process was so quick and easy). We took their requirements into consideration and gave them an interesting twist in terms of layout.

Here’s the work to show.


We recommend to hack away the kitchen wall an replace it with a full wall of cabinets to conceal the kitchen and topped it off with an island for baking as the client is a baker (check her blog out at this link). I can totally imagine her doing a youtube video with this clean back drop with her amazing baking produce (YR pls do one soon. I can help to set up your set).


Through the cabinet door, it opens up to a quaint wet kitchen with everything within an arm’s reach. After all these years I’m starting to see why everything close by in a kitchen is so important. ( I pretty much forget my ingredients all the time when cooking and I open the fridge countless time over one cooking session)


We combined light wood laminates with rustic brick-like tiles to create that cozy feel.


BTO toilets are pretty small, so we added a point of interest with tiles to vary the look


Simple toilet fitting makes it easy to maintain yet presentable.



i’m loving how the study is turning out with simple shelves and Ikea furniture.



To have consultation session with us do contact us @ this link 

To check out the other projects we designed, check out portfolio page @ this link

To Comfort and aesthetics


Photography: KLow

Designer: KLow


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