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Hi you all, we are back again with another project. These past few years has been really exciting as the interior design scene has developed to be more colourful . For this project, the client wanted something homely and cosy. The way the couple spoke and communicated gave me a metal image of something simple, neat and soft colours.

Muted tones create a consistent mood for the space even with quite a few colours. I had that Kinfolk moment when i took the shot of the space.


Natural light is important in a home, given Singapore’s harsh sun, some day curtains definitely soften up the look of the living room. Having a ledge by the window definitely is useful for plants, a couple of unfinished books and some home decor items. Cuppa tea anyone?


Pop of yellow never harms but make sure the tone is not too stark if u are trying to go for a soft touch.DSC00827DSC00837

First homes always have that charm of wonder, purity and that hope for what is to come. Memories too are beautiful that way.


HDB tiles given in their case was perfect for their home. I was pleasantly surprised on how it turned out. We were lucky they weren’t funny “mosaic”.


Ladies, all men deserves a den! ( until the kid comes of course!)



Wood laminates with a cream accent wall and Ikea sheets = cosy up


The books you read, the plants you have, ceramics you have, down to the sheets you dress the bed with all creates that charming look and lifestyle you have. My wife says i’m a hoarder but i think things maketh the man. What do you think?

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To Comfort and aesthetics


Photography: KLow

Interior stylist:

Designer: KLow


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