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EU habitat was planned to be a family home. We have 3 growing teenagers with different needs, tons of family activities and gatherings to cater to. Sounds straight-forward enough.

One key and a very obvious requirement was storage. So, we incorporated the shoe cabinet, TV console and whatever that is running in between as a full piece storage solution.


As we wanted a more livable space in the living room, we moved the dining table out in the balcony which was a natural decision. (Strangely if u see balconies in Singapore, it’s either half-dead plants, wet laundry or some messy storage space. Dining is a great choice.)IMG_9488DSC00886

We added an old cabinet in the balcony, that they had from their previous house and it became a great storage solution for board games, it also became an accent piece in the balcony. Adding some color also makes the space look more chirpy.DSC00896IMG_9494

The girls’ room was kind of a challenge. Trying to fit the study, wardrobe, bed, makeup area was tough especially because it was two girls. (Double trouble!) As u can see in the images, we have bunk beds above with a study below and a wardrobe in the front.IMG_9496DSC00887DSC00888

We also managed to fit a makeup area in the wardrobe changing area and all these in a 100sqft room. ( just in case, you guys were thinking this was a massive house, it really isn’t)


An interesting comment my client made was that if she could, she would place all 3 children in one room, to let them grow up together to create more memories. That is something that struck me and made me feel that my job as a designer can really be meaningful. As a designer, I have the power to help clients live better lives. (side-track)


Grey and white scheme for the boy can never go wrong.


A warm schemed bedroom provides a cozy setting.


Some artwork by the client’s talented daughter.

Finally, some takeaways I have. A family home should not be so overly obsessed with trendy designs or some frivolous, lofty ideal. I think a family home is a space that should focus on communication and improving family relationships. I think great space planning can achieve that. Also, I believe heart is a very important aspect of a good designer and I want to strive to be that.

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To Comfort and aesthetics


Photography: KLow

Interior stylist:

Designer: KLow



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