WEST WOOD RESIDENCES (Click to read more…)

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For this project, the client was welcoming a newborn and wanted something light and bright. We played around with light wood tones, pastel colors in conjunction with marble, mirrors, and glass to create a more polished look.


For the carpentry, we wanted a focal piece with very clean lines and a glass display that can float display items. I used white and light woods to balance the cold finish of the marble grains.thumb__DSC3794_1024

We created a wall of mirrors with a staggered brick patterned to reflect the natural light from the balcony area, expanding the living area. The wall art was created by a local designer, you can contact her here. (I got her to customize the pieces for the space, I love how the petals and the color in the print softens up the whole space) The color from the art adds a subtle touch of interest to the space. It’s not always good to have high contrast colors for art. I firmly believe in “appropriateness” when it comes to choosing art as opposed to going for an art piece by someone famous ( Support Local!!!) .


For the children’s room, I created mountain peaks with paint. The mural blends well with the white furniture and again a simple printed artwork makes all the difference


For the master suite, we did an ombre with creams and greys to create that softness. The accent black furniture anchors the space to bring out the creams and the light tones.

In the attached wardrobe space in the master, we used glass sliding doors in light taupe to create a more polished look.


Many times when we design, a space can become too warm and woody or overly luxurious and polished (of course this boils down to whether it’s a good representation of the owners). For this project, there was a lot of blending and balancing of hard and soft materials to create a warm and soft but still polished look.

To have a consultation session with us do contact us @ this link 

To check out the other projects we designed, check out portfolio page @ this link

To Comfort and aesthetics


Photography: Aik

Interior stylist: placestylist.com

Designer: KLow

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