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One of the highlights of 2018 is the revamp of this prewar beauty in Tiong Bahru. (To see the pre-renovation pictures, scroll to the end of the post).

Client Brief: 背打抢look = Minimalism

Client profile: Jewellery Designer

The client was very clear and vocal about the look that they wanted. Our job was straightforward; to propose materials and to execute the ideas in a logical and functional way. It was the ideal (client~designer relationship), for me to give consultation, source for interesting materials and figure out how to implement the ideas. ( As interior designers a lot of time is spent on cost reductions and cutting project timelines, so this project was definitely very fun and challenging for me)

In the living room, curves in the cane furniture provided the room a break from all the straight angular lines, to create that comfortable balance without being too obsessively sterile like in most common minimal homes, The laid back casual vibe to the minimalism provide that sense of home.


The interesting pattern floor juxtaposed with the clean matted look basic carpentry adds life to the minimal kitchen. I’ve seen the owner cooked interesting stuff in this small kitchen on instastories, including Ramley burgers, pan-fried chicken down to the standard Chinese fare ( sorry I stalked). It is functional!


A walk past the living room is the jewelry studio is where all the beautiful unique pieces are conceptualized and birthed. The floor tiles were specially imported from Italy for this small corridor and I have to say it is worth every penny. The only fixture that we kept in the house from pre-renovations were these louvre windows we which we gave a whitewash and installed glass to keep the air conditioning in. It turned out to have great personality.


Guys, never be afraid of prints, especially Marimekko ones.


The dark and dingy toilet( see old photos at the end) transformed into this neat and bright showering space. I am still amazed by it.


A simple bed for a spacious room definitely declutters your mind. Sleeping and waking up in an empty space, I believe is mind freeing.


Looking back, this project gave me a lot of satisfaction on many levels. Cheers to many more to come. We have another project photo shoot in the making that we can’t wait to share. Till then!

To have a consultation session with us do contact us @ this link 

To check out the other projects we designed, check out portfolio page @ this link

To Comfort and aesthetics


Photography: AIK

Designer: KLow

Interior stylist:


The pre-renovation pictures



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