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2019 flew by so fast, so a quick update of my long backlog of projects.

Project Brief: Couple in their 50s slowing down to retirement

Design style: Simple and homely

The first feeling I had with this family was a sense of people who appreciated simple pleasures. (Little things like wanting a simple sit down family meal, teasing of the mum and mementos from trips with stories to tell.)  They had an open mind in terms of space design so we started cranking ideas.

I remember in Burgundy staying in a humble BnB with family. One very fond memory was that night where we all sat at the dining in the kitchen, where we had our dinner. The host was cooking as we passed food and wine around the table. There was endless chattering and laughing the whole night. The barn house was warmly lited and the music playing softly in the background. The night went by merrily.

I was minded to replicate the energy in this house.

I started with warm tones and built the colors with wood and creams.


We added a seating area with drawers for socks with a different tile to create an entryway


Gerberas are fast becoming my favorite flowers. They give off a very elegant, simple and happy vibe.


The family loves traveling, these cars seem to suggest that road-tripping/ holiday spirit.


Modern plants, Thai silk cushions, framed cross stitching works and a cream sofa is quite an interesting combination of the old and new. Never throw away old things with memories (Marie Kondo wouldn’t agree), you never know when they will all decide to be beautiful again.



This is the kitchen that I tried to replicate from my experience in the BnB mentioned earlier. Serving food that is cooked right out the stove on to the dining makes so much sense. Getting a cold drink while waiting for the food to be ready and talking to the cooking mother is a wonderful feeling. ( Stereotypes but charming nonetheless.)


These shelves from Journey East gives a touch of modern with the limestone looking wall. (Mixing it up is something i swear by)


For their daughter’s room who is in the creative line, she gave us specific instruction of what shelves she wanted with a 2 tone wall. We love how the light cast shadows on the wall, giving it more depth and for the eyes to wander.


The master room was small however we love how the velvet texture on the bed head works with the woods on the carpentry and stripes on the bed. There is a very old school type of charm, typical of what I had growing up but updated to today and it still works.


For the stars of the house are definitely these ragdoll cats, they are shy but we were lucky to catch them on camera.


Looking back at all these images is a reminder to me about not looking away from the old. I feel things well made can last with some artful styling. This project taught me that beauty is not just in aesthetics but also what we make of the space to reflect our day to day life.

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To Comfort and aesthetics


Photography: AIK

Interior stylist:

Designer: KLow

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