Cats @ Bedok Reservoir (Click to read more…)

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Hola! Back to updating my projects, this article we are covering a 4 room flat. My client has 3 cats and wants a laid-back, open space to call home. She loves texture and colour and enjoys art.


As the unit has a long living space, we decide to have the space segmented into 3 spaces.

We started with the IKEA eket bookcases by the window as a “landing” for the cats to perch and look out of the window. The two arm chairs carve out a reading area that is ideal for intimate conversations, and even with people at the sofa area. Finally, the dining table outside the kitchen is a convenient spot for meals and for watching the news in the mornings.

With natural light flooding in, the space also doubles up as a plant area. Below we see a thriving Monstera Adonsonii ( Style tip: cascading plants help to break up the harsh lines of book shelves).  The patterns on the prayer plants (bottom left shelf) adds visual interest to the shelves. 


The space next to the sofa creates a hiding space for client dear cats. I wonder if the felines actually peep out for an episode of Caesar Milan or two (watching enemies suffer). The clean minimal artwork paired with the turquoise and copper lamp adds a very soft feminine touch to the space.


Below, we hacked a hole in the wall and added louvre windows for an extra design element to the otherwise plain wall above the sofa.


My client has an love for the traditionalist kitchen. A economical way to give it that look is to spend on old school mosaic tiles on the floor, paired with traditional knobs and handles in the kitchen. This combination gives it an updated look with the white laminates safely avoiding the old tired kitchen look.


Faux marble tiles are definitely a good back drop to artwork and adds detail to the whitewashed toilet.


We wanted to give the shower area a bit of zest, so this hexagonal marble tile is every cent well spent.


A little random but here’s the resident cat starting intensely at us, almost warning us not to damage anything or else!


The bedroom has basic wardrobes with its bed by the window. A clutter free bedroom is what u want end and start the day with for sure.



To have a consultation session with us do contact us @ this link 

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To Comfort and aesthetics


Photography: ZAC

Interior stylist:

Designer: KLow

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