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This is our home.

Home is where we feel most comfortable in.


This is Lin Na and my first home, it has been 3 years since we moved in. We have grown to love it more. Little updates in the space, a plant here, a postcard there , a new plate in the kitchen. All these touches form our story and that sense of familiarity and comfort.

80 Bedok - Interior (6)

Living in this home has made me realized that a house that becomes a home requires care. A home that is neglected often is cold and lifeless.

80 Bedok - Detail (3)

A dining table requires use and stains to have depth and texture (in character)


I lie on my sofa every morning with my coffee and phone. Many ideas I have from lying horizontally.


This is the bed that I miss a lot when I travel, despite the crazy heatwave we have here in Singapore.

80 Bedok - Interior (4)
80 Bedok - Interior (2)

Many dishes have been born out of this kitchen. Both good and of course the terribly wrong ones.

80 Bedok - Interior (9)

The table Lin Na works on every day is something we will probably not be able to let go of. Seeing her back-facing doing her work is a very familiar encounter I have every day.

80 Bedok - Detail (4)

Take care of your home and it will take care of you.

To have a consultation session with us do contact us @ this link 

To check out the other projects we designed, check out portfolio page @ this link

To Comfort and aesthetics


Photography: AIK

Interior stylist: placestylist.com

Designer: Lin Na and KLow


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