Learned Globe-trotters (Click here for more)

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This installment of project features brings us to an upscale neighborhood of Mount Sophia. The client is an urban, young, well traveled couple looking to start a family home.

Though we didn’t want a loud design statement, we wanted to inject some cultural /traveler flavor into the mix. The monochromatic Moroccan print in the kitchen was spot on for that purpose

An over view of the living room. The lounging and dining space is divided by the false ceiling and cove lights. This defines each space for its specific function.

We wanted a space that conversations could happen and no television that could distract any good discourse.

However, an occasional movie night is needed, hence we hid a pull-out projector screen in the ceiling . A show could be screened at anytime with a short throw projector placed on a coffee table.

The wall of book shelves was planned to house not just books but also memorabilia. Our trusty IKEA billy book shelf was a great solution for this. (cheap and good)

Great chill out area for a couple of whiskey shots

Dark walnut handles on the wardrobe accent and tie the look with the rest of the house

To have a consultation session with us do contact us @ this link 

To check out the other projects we designed, check out portfolio page @ this link

To Comfort and aesthetics


Photography: ZAC

Interior stylist: placestylist.com

Designer: Lin Na and KLow

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