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Hello there, this installation of project updates brings us back to Sky Terrace @ Dawson. This was one of the projects build in 2015 by HDB BTO with a modern condo aesthetics. I love the charcoal they used and how dynamic the units are. They are made up many Tetris blocks that houses lofts, multigenerational home and the traditional HDB 4 room layouts.

We were very lucky to have chance to work on this project. I have been waiting for a long time for the opportunity to work on it.

I remember my client meeting me in a café dressed in a floral dress with a straw hat for the first time. I had alot of preconceived ideas of what she might want for her space ( I was thinking a girly, bohemian and pretty space). But I got totally thrown off when she brief me. She said she didn’t want colours for her home and loved grey. ( Interesting fact: she drives a Vespa with a side car for her little dog). She was pretty open to any layout that would fit her life style. She was young, eligible and want to actualize her first home. She wanted to have a space to host her friends and one that she can come home to and feel comfortable. I love the contrast in her personality and the home she wants. First, it threw me off then it got me really excited thinking about how I can propose something that represents her. (This is my favorite part of design; problem solving). Challenge accepted.

The difficult part about any first home is choice ( sky is the limit, maybe budget too). I feel this is the struggle with many of my clients. Everyone wants a nice home to live in but there’s just so many beautiful images visually assaulting on a daily basis and this throws people off from what their own space should look like.

I’m never one to impose my own aesthetic preference on a client (which is why our projects look so different every time). Every client is an individual here at Wood Works Studio, and want to mirror that personality in the space. I mean these days with so many options available I really don’t see why every house has to look the same. So, we went though our design process and came up with the final product coming up. Enjoy!!

The encounter with this 4 room HDB standard BTO layout was how to have an open space. The space you see now was the previous kitchen, living room and bedroom combined. We had to gut out the entire to have expansive space when you enter the house to have that feeling of luxury.

We aligned the Island and the dining with an accompanying kitchen carpentry with open shelves at the back to create volume. Visually when u enter the space you will feel a sense that there length in carpentry ( long carpentry gives a sense of luxury I feel. Despite the small space opening up the appropriate floor area enables to comfortably fit full sized furniture.

In terms of colors we place which various tones of grey both warm and cold greys to create visual interest. Monochromatic houses done have to be flat and one dimensional. If u notice, we actually painted the walls and ceilings in one color to give the feeling of an embrace when u enter the space. ( like the colors envelope you)

Right behind the kitchen is this double sink which we have included in this modest 4 room HDB as i felt like the toilet was only enough for a shower, so I wanted that luxurious vanity that could let you take you time to prepare and check yourself. The matte black fittings add to sleek appeal of the space. To balance the soften the space, we added curves, fabrics and rattan baskets to warm up the room.

Last but not least we enter the master bedroom. We decided to keep only one toilet for the house as the comfort of the client being able to relax every night outweighs the possibility of needing 2 toilets at one time for our client is almost zero. (Yes we have a stand-alone bath tub in the master!). This is why I cannot stress enough that the need of every client is completely different and should be weaved into the home design so that we can exploit the situation the best way possible for the client.

PS. Our client is one of the contestant for The Apprentice Asia.

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To Comfort and aesthetics


Photography: Lin Na

Interior stylist:

Designer: Lin Na and KLow

Credits: Lian He Zao Bao

Thanks LHZB for featuring us beautifully on this project.

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