Trivelis 311A (Click to read more…)

311A Trivelis was an apartment that I wanted to channel something young but yet classic. The imagery was a young professional couple living in the city. I wanted to achieve something current, an environment where it can motivate every morning, to have that glass of […]

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Skyville Dawson 87(Click to read more…)

Home is many different things to different people. What you define as comfort, what you see as beauty and what makes you feel safe really boils down to your growing up experience. In this project, the client was a couple looking to build themselves a […]



These are pieces i curate when i travel in the region, do drop me a msg on my cell if you are interested @ 98633824. Art Work $250 Art Work $250 Chinese spoons $5 Tirangle neon green bottle $30 from Tequila Kola Chinese Spoons $5 […]

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